Finally, after 4 months in customs and a fight with paperwork and ever new complications, by far exceeding our wildest nightmares, the Hamburg Robotic Telescope (apertura: 1.2m, altitud ca. 5m) arrived in our Observatory "La Luz" on the afternoon of Febr. 27, 2013. Three containers, the heaviest about 20 metric tons, where received by two cranes - here are some pictures, from a day just perfect for photography:

While the optics container (No. 2) had its "private" truck, the other two were giving their driver a lot of pain. In the narrow, sandy curve behind Santa Anna, 15km to LaLuz, the heavy (20t) container Nr. 1 with the mechanical parts had to be disconnected, left behind, and collected two hours later.

Two cranes are avaiting the arrival of the containers by the Observatory.

Even driven on its own now, container No. 1 is too heavy to get up the last ascent (extra prepared for the event) to the Observatory, and needs to be towed by the extra power of the crane-truck.

Both cranes have to work together to assure a smooth and safe set-down in the space between the old and the new bulding.

Unloading the third and lightest container - almost done (for today)!