Finally, after 4 months in customs and a fight with paperwork and ever new complications, by far exceeding our wildest nightmares, the Hamburg Robotic Telescope (aperture: 1.2m, altitude ca. 5m) arrived in our Observatory "La Luz" on the afternoon of Febr. 27, 2013. Three containers, the heaviest about 20 metric tons, where received by two cranes - to see some pictures (from a day just perfect for photography), click here. On this page, we share some impressions from the mounting activities March 12-15, 2013, with kind acknowledgements to the actors: Tautec company (Michael Ruder et al.), the three nice guys of the 90 ton crane team, Ing. Jesus Cardiel and his team of UG Infraestructura, plus the Hamburg Observatory crew: Alex, Arnis, Marco and Nicolas!

Breaking news 21.3. 2013: We got provisional First Light at Equinox: visual observations of the Moon, Jupiter and some bright stars!! The telescope mechanics, hydraulics and electrical components are working. Next: Optical alignment, pointing model and instrumentation (over and after Easter....).

PS - August 2013: After the early rainy season gave us a break, the telescope is now observing on a routine basis. Up to 56 objects and 82 spectra a night. With this speed and power in mind, we have
re-named the telecope "el TIGRE" (Telescopio Internacional de Guanajuato, Robotico-Espectroscopico).

The heaviest single part was the 8 ton altaz-type mount, which had to go up into the dome first.

The tube-truss is much less heavy, still took a lot of fiddling precisely into place.

Lowering the 1.2m mirror into its cell required a special gallow and 2 days of work followed to install the complex balancing mechanics, on which the mirror "floats".

Finally, the dome is housing the robotic telescope. March 15-21: A lot of "invisible" work of mechanical adjustments, hydraulic and electronic installations, optical alignment had to follow before provisional First light. Final optical alignement, pointing model and spectrograph set-up still to be done in the weeks over and after Easter.