Dr. Klaus-Peter Schroeder: Curriculum Vitae

  Current post: Professor for Astronomy (Profesor-Investigador)
  at the University of Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico,
  Departamento de Astronomia, A.P. 144, Guanajuato C.P. 36000
  Date and place of birth: 20.02. 1957, Hamburg (Ger)
  Languages: German, English, French and Spanish
  Awards: SNI II, Perfil Deseable PROMEP (2006 and cont.)
  Habilitation (1993, Hamburg),
  St. John's College 'Overseas Visiting Scholar' (1990, Cambridge)
  Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (UK), Intern. Astr. Union (IAU)

  April 1964 - March 1968: Attended school in Hamburg
  April 1968 - June 1976: Attended 'Gymnasium' in Hamburg
  June 2, 1976: Award of the 'Abitur' (highest german school degree)
  Oct. 1976 - Dec. 1982: Student at the University of Hamburg. Subjects: Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy
  Dec. 16, 1982: Award of the 'Physik-Diplom' at the Universtity of Hamburg, with a master thesis in the field of UV stellar spectroscopy at the Hamburg Observatory, under the supervision of Prof. Reimers.

  Feb. 1, 1983 - Jan. 31, 1984: Research assistent (graduate student level, at the Hamburg Observatory). Work with Dr. Kohoutek in his project on an emission-line star survey from objective prism Schmidt plates, obtained at Calar Alto, Spain.
  March 1, 1984 - May 31, 1985: Research assistent (graduate student level, at the Hamburg Observatory). Work with Prof. Reimers, analysing UV high resolution IUE spectra of zeta Aurigae type K-supergiant chromospheres.
  June 3, 1985: Award of the Ph.D. of the University of Hamburg.
  June 1, 1985 - Sept. 30, 1986: Social community service ("Zivildienst", a valid alternative to military service by german law) in a local social help station. That was a full-time job, mainly to give help and care to elderly and disabled persons.
  from Oct. 1, 1986: Assistent professorship at the Hamburg University -- lecturing, research and supervision in the field of stellar spectroscopy. Study of the physics of supergiant chromospheres and winds, focusing on the 'dividing line problem' by analysing IUE high resolution spectra of selected zeta Aur binaries at critical phases. Supplementary funding received from various sources (i.e., IoA, EEC and Nato).
  April 1 - Sept. 30, 1991: Research stay in Cambridge (UK) as 'Overseas Visiting Scholar' of the St. John's College, and as a visiting scientist to the IoA, working with Drs REM and R Griffin.
  Oct. 1, 1991 - March 31, 1993: Continuation of the assistant professorship and research at the Hamburg University -- award of the 'Habilitation'.
  June 1, 1993 - August 31, 1994: Senior research associate at the PTB (Physik. Techn. Bundesanstalt), Braunschweig (Ger). Participation in a micro-structure metrology research project in the optic division, which produced high accuracy absolute measurements (to better than approx. 20nm) of artificial microstructures (0.2-10 micron) as a reference standard for the micro-chip industry. Subjects involved: near-field, SEM and optical microscopy, in combination with rigorous 3D light-diffraction model-calculations.
  Sept. 1, 1994 - Aug. 31, 1996: Senior visiting scientist at the IoA, Cambridge (UK). Work with Dr. P.P. Eggleton et al., supported by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) and the Isaac Newton trust of Trinity College. Scientific work: the empirical calibration of core-'overshooting' and late stellar evolution by means of well-studied giants in eclipsing binaries. Besides: lecturing at the Technical University of Braunschweig.
  Sept. 1, 1996 - Dec. 31, 1999: Senior research associate at the Technical University of Berlin, Inst. of Astron. & Astrophys. Scientific work: calculation of the galactic dust and gas injection rates from cool supergiant stellar winds by modelling the local stellar mass-function and computing late, tip-AGB stellar evolution in the presence of ('super-) wind mass-losses (with Prof. Sedlmayr). Furthermore: university lecturing and supervision.
  Jan. 2000 - Sept. 2005: Lecturer of Astrophysics at the University of Sussex at Brighton (UK) -- university teaching, research and supervison of UG & grad. student projects and PHDs.