Photographic impressions of Guanajuato

(by Klaus-Peter Schroeder)

  Guanajuato is a very pleasant place to live: for its dry and sunny, but very moderate climate (only 28-34C in summer, and 14-24C in winter days), for its many restaurants and scenic little squares and lanes (Callejones) from the past three centuries, and for its safe and friendly social environment. While the rich days of Guanajuato as a major silver mining place are long gone, it's today a small university town with a lot of international flair: Many international language students come here to learn spanish, while the mexican students enjoy (we hope!) a very international mix of their faculties. To have a visual impression what it's like to be here, please scroll through the following photos and enjoy:
  Aerial view of the city centre with its churches and the prominent university main building - as seen from the popular Pipila viewpoint, a 10min ascent on foot (or by cable car) from the centre.
  In the centre of Guanajuato: Plaza de la Paz and the Basilica de nuestra Senora de Guanajuato.
  The University of Guanajuato: the main building and its famous steps.
  Behind the University: One of the mainy narrow alleys of the city centre, where students can find cheap rooms.
  The old hospital entrance: Guanajuato's centre tells of its long history!
  Typical street scene of Guanajuato: the Calle de Alhondiga in San Javier, half way between the city centre and La Valenciana. These outskirts of the city provide more modern and spacious accommodation, which often reaches european standards (for a price, of course).
  La Valenciana, best known as the place of the famous silver mine, is a little village at 2200m altitude, a good 200m above the nearby city centre of Guanajuato. Shown here are the attractive church and central square of La Valenciana, which are less than 5min foot walk away from the DA.
  Scenic Market stall by the central square of La Velenciana.
  The DA building, with our brand-new 2-storey extension (behind) for the library, common room and student offices. Staff offices are located in the smaller, original building in front, all now painted in a fresh new blue.
  If, meanwhile, you wonder where to find us on a map, here it is.
  La Valenciana, as seen from the DA's driveway.
  And, well, we got a really nice view right from our office windows!