Summer project, by Veranos UG (Guanajuato) and Acad. Mex. Ciencias:
  Learn about solar activity - by your own observing, and by daily satellite observations

  Supervisor: Dr. Klaus-Peter Schroeder (Professor at the Departamento de Astronomia (DA/DCNE), UG, Guanajuato)

  "Solar activity", caused by the solar magnetic activity, has many different ways to manifest itself: dark sunspots in the solar photosphere (in the visible light), prominences and flares in the chromosphere (in H_alpha light), and coronal streamers, loops and mass-ejections (CMEs - as observed by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory SDO and by the aged but still working SOHO coronograph). All these activity forms and their daily changes are studied in the course of this summer project. A solar refractor on the roof of our department (see below) allows you to do: (i) your own observations of the solar photosphere with its sun spots, by means of a safe, reflecting white-light objective-filter, as well as (ii) of the solar chromosphere with its prominences by means of a special prominence viewer with H_alpha filter.
  This is a summer project with financial support (con beca de Veranos UG o de la AMC) for mexican and licenciatura students. Non-mexican students with excellent notes are especially encouraged, since some (albeit limited) allowance for travel support and living is available.
  This summer (2015) sees the Sun in its slow decent from the activity-maximum of present cycle no. 24 - don't miss this chance, since in a few years the Sun will again fall into a long and very inactiv minimum. While solar eruptions cause "stormy spaceweather", low activity levels over longer periods are a climate relevant factor, another aspect you can learn about here in Guanajuato with me and my colleagues at the Department of Astronomy. If you are interested, please contact:
  There are other summer projects, with which this work can be linked, e.g., studying stellar spectra (Drs. Dennis Jack, Philippe Eenens) or observing the solar corona by its radioemission (Dr Solai Jeakumar). Please inquire well ahead of time, especially if you need financial support, as deadlines begin to expire in March.
  See/download a recent work plan here (en español, pdf-file)
  Sunspot group, taken July 10, 2007, during the first GTO Sun project (student: Carlos Flores, Veracruz)
  Prominences on the limb of the Sun (occulted by a disk) in H_alpha light, taken on July 14, 2008
  Summerstudents at the DA July 2008: Adela, Ninfa and Javier
  Link to daily observations with SOHO
  Link to daily observations with SDO